Coach Reimbursement


To get REIMBURSED for expenses out of your Booster team account, complete the request form below.

  1. Coaches should complete the form, but can make a request for a reimbursement to themselves, a vendor, or a parent.
  2. Requests can be made for check reimbursements or credit card payment of invoices. You will need to input the reimbursement information and upload a copy of the expense backup (invoice or receipt).
  3. All expenses paid out of team accounts are approved by the DSA. Once you complete the reimbursement form, he will give approval to the Boosters Treasurer, who will then issue payment. If you have any questions about whether an expense is covered, check with the DSA BEFORE incurring the cost. The DSA receives a monthly report of team balances, so you can also check with him on the amount you have available.

You can also deposit income on behalf of your team (e.g. commission checks, direct donations). These funds will be credited to your team account. Place your checks (labeled with your team info) in the Boosters mailbox in the DSA’s office.

Questions? Contact our Treasurer HERE.