Welcome Back To School

It’s back to school with a delay in back to the field, court, and track, but we still want to support our student athletes in every way we can!  That’s why we need your support. 

Why Become an Edison Booster?

Your membership helps the Edison Boosters promote the athletic program by working to:

  • encourage and enhance the athletic activities of all Edison students
  • improve the sports venues (fields, facilities, scoreboards, concessions, etc.)
  • provide scholarships for graduating seniors
  • support coaches and athletic trainers, and much more.

Edison Boosters works alongside the athletic department to help each and every team achieve a great overall athletic experience.  Working cooperatively with the athletic director, it provides much-needed supplemental funding (for everything from field maintenance to uniforms), promote attendance and spirit at athletic events, and help create our very popular “Game Day” atmosphere.

Last year, in addition to cash transfers to every team, Boosters supported the purchase of new weight lifting equipment to benefit all teams, new indoor batting cages, senior and school banners and more.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our usual fundraising options have evaporated.

That is why we need your membership support this year more than ever!


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